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Picture of Press N Go Pet Puppy

Press N Go Pet Puppy

Roll along pet friend with flashing light
Light-up button with fun sounds and melodies
Press the button to roll along, make head move and play fun sounds

Suggested for ages 6 months and over



Picture of Daisy Spin N Rattle N Teether
Picture of Light Up Pal Teether Bee

Light Up Pal Teether Bee

A pony shaped easy-grip teether with bright colours. This light-up bee has a cheerful light up button as well and plays music and fun sounds when button is pressed. The soft bee’s wings encourages touch, promoting tactile development and fine motor, and the textured teether stimulate baby’s gums. Intended for ages 3 months plus.

Suggested for ages 0 months and over



Picture of Light N Sound Teething Keys

Light N Sound Teething Keys

A set of light up keys with fun sounds and melodies. Bright and exciting toys for babies. 3 keys on the big ring pivoting ball rattle. Baby pushes a button and hear three pleasant melodies.  Blue Key with a transparent button filled with coloured balls, Yellow Key with two rings that the baby can move in an arc while developing fine motor skills, Red Key with a double-sided spinning pictures. Through this musical key baby will be introduced to colors and helps develop visual, Sensory and Fine Motor Skills.

Suggested for ages 0 months and over



Picture of Patch the Giraffe Rattle with Rings
Picture of Snuggle Pals Super Playmat

Snuggle Pals Super Playmat

  • Designed for all the developmental stages of baby - from lay and play to tummy time to sitting to crawling
  • 56" extra large design provides a comfortable, safe play area for baby
  • Perfect for the parent to lay down with baby to get closer and play together
  • Baby-safe mirror with foldable stand helps extend tummy time
  • Clip-on plush friend for play on the mat or for take-along fun
  • Easy to fold, perfect for indoor and outdoor uses
Picture of My Pull Along Pal Elephant

My Pull Along Pal Elephant

Pull-along elephant for fun sounds and melodies
5 easy-press buttons introduce numbers, colors, and fun phrases
Click-clack turning ear and color-changing lights
Turn the wheel to change the melody tempo
Turn the ladybug for click-clack sounds

Suggested for ages 6 months and over



Picture of Shake n Slide Rattle Raincloud
Picture of Jungle Learning Board

Jungle Learning Board

  • Jungle friends learning board
  • 4 modes of play: colors, objects and sound effects, music, and question time
  • Number buttons and 5-note keyboard
  • Learn to count with different fruits
  • Animal and weather sound effects
  • Bright and colorful design with easy-press buttons
  • Fun sounds and melodies

Suitable for ages 18 months and over

Picture of Learn With Me Edupad

Learn With Me Edupad

  • Learn as you play with this awesome Tiny Tots Learning Pad. This early learning pad is great for keeping little ones engaged and stimulated as they learn. It has colourful graphics and flashing lights that aid the learning experience.
    There are three fantastic game play modes: Learning, Find It Games and Music. Your baby will learn to identify letters and numbers, recognise animals, and groove along to ABC songs. There are lots of fun sound effects and melodies to discover along the way

Suitable for ages 24 months and over

Picture of Light Up Talking Phone

Light Up Talking Phone

Light Up Talking Phone mobile phone designed to resemble the original but with bright colours to gives visual stimuli and helps develop baby’s vision. This light-up talking phone was designed for babies and toddlers to mimic real world adult behaviours and explore imaginative play, helping them to learn communication skills. Small-sized pretend phone is perfect for little hands, large number and colour buttons engage toddlers as they dial and learn.

Suggested for ages 12 months and over



Picture of Light N Sound Remote Control

Light N Sound Remote Control

  • A light up remote control with easy grasp, light and sounds.

    • Remote control with lights and sounds for babies
    • It is very attractive for babies because of the texture of its buttons and its shape.
    • The shape and size is ideal for baby’s hands, which can easily hold and help the development of fine motor skills.
    • Suitable for children from 6 months.
    • Battery operated which comes included

Suitable for ages 6 months and over

Picture of Talk and Pull Phone

Talk and Pull Phone

  • Comes with 2 modes: music mode and learning mode
  • Friendly voice encourages interaction
  • 10 lively melodies 
  • 0-9 telephone pad teaches number identification
  • Bright eyes look left and right as it's pulled along
  • Lift off receiver for fun phone play
  • Amusing phrases and sound effects
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Age group: 12-36 months
Picture of Sort N Learn Activity House

Sort N Learn Activity House

    • Winfun Sort And Learn Activity House.

      • 6 colorful sorter blocks for baby.
      • 2 modes of play: Fun Sounds and Play Along Tunes.
      • Easy grasp key locks and unlocks door.
      • Click-clack clock, fun roller, open-shut windows and garage door.
      • Light-up buttons with music and flashing lights.
      • Retractable handle for carry along fun.

      Ages: 1+

Picture of Time for Learning Clock

Time for Learning Clock

    • Toy Watch with Baby Color Win Fun Lights and Sounds. Playfully learn the hours and minutes with Winfun's interactive analog clock. With the hand handles, you can select both the hours and minutes, plus they can learn the type of weather for each day.
Picture of Roll n Learn Activity Ocean Ball

Roll n Learn Activity Ocean Ball

Ocean ball wiggles and wobbles on its own encouraging baby to chase and crawl
Spinning jellyfish and 3 buttons with crab, sea turtle & light-up starfish
Fun sounds, cheerful melodies and flashing light

Suggested for ages 9 months and over



Picture of Fun Driver Junior

Fun Driver Junior

Babies will enjoy this steering wheel which provides lights and sounds while driving and learning.

  • Brightly colored chunky steering wheel with moveable gearshift
  • 3 flashing lights that flash with realistic sound effects and melodies
  • Sliding beads and horn button that plays realistic sound effects
  • Attached strap for easy attachment to stroller or car seat

Suitable for ages 6 months and over

Picture of Easy Grasp Rattle Ball

Easy Grasp Rattle Ball

Designed for easy pick up and play for little hands
Shake, roll or throw to make lovely rattle sounds
Engages baby in active play
Age: 3 months +


    • The stack o'fun balls and cups game is a great product by WinFun toys. This game includes four flashing stacking cups. It features fun sound effects and cheerful melodies and eye-catching flashing pattern. The ball drop and stacker activity develops motor skills. This will provide children with hours of fun.
Picture of Wobble Cake Stacker
Picture of Penguin Light-Up

Penguin Light-Up

<p>With the penguin WinFun musical, your baby will sleep gently. Press the belly to hear soothing sounds of nature, birds and sweet melodies and lullabies for the baby to create a sleep routine. The Penguin is blue and emits soft lights of colours while the songs sound. Its texture is so soft that helps reduce the stress in children.</p>

Suggested for ages 0 months and over



Picture of Sing and Learn Blueberry Pup

Sing and Learn Blueberry Pup

3 light-up buttons activate rhyming phrases and simple learning
Entertaining, cheerful melodies
Funny and cute sound effects

Suggested for ages 3 months and over



Picture of Sing and Learn Bear

Sing and Learn Bear

Helps develop hand eye coordination and dexterity as baby plays the toy, engaging your baby’s developing senses of sight, sound, and touch, learn first letters and numbers. For babies ages 3 months and older. There are several styles available within this assortment and unfortunately it is not possible to request which one you would prefer.

Suggested for ages 3 months and over



Picture of Press N Go Lady Bug

Press N Go Lady Bug

Your baby makes Press N Go Activity Ladybug crawl by simply pressing her red wing, then watch the delight. There are roller ball with rattle beads, sliding rings, spinning ball and clicking wheel to entertain.

  • Easy press wing makes ladybug crawl
  • Roller ball with rattle beads
  • Sliding rings, spinning ball and clicking wheel
  • Simple button with fun melodies

Suggested for ages 6 months and over