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Waboba Flyer

Brand: Waboba

The Hacky Sack meets badminton
Includes a soft rubber shuttlecock

Designed to be hit with hands, knees or feet.
Ideal for sports training: volleyball and football.
Ideal for backyard or park.
Ages: 8+

Availability: In stock
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Simple rules, but... It's a challenging game! Bounce and hold the Waboba Flyer high for as long as possible. So you can't land it on the ground, because then you're finished. You can play this game by throwing the Flyer or bouncing it somewhere on your body. You can also use the Flyer in combination with a racket or a beachball set (not included). Are you up for the challenge? This game is compact: easy to take with you on vacation, to the beach or lawn. It can also be played in the water, so wherever you want. The Flyer is made of rubber, resilient material and has colorful springs for an extra cool effect