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Unstable Unicorns Kids Edition Game

Introduce younger players to a magical world of Unicorns and strategy games with Unstable Unicorns for Kids!

Unstable Unicorns for Kids has all-new artwork, cards, and characters to delight the littlest gamers. And it’s fun for parents, too! The game features eight colorful Unicorn card themes, including Hero, Animal, Princess, Space, Sports, Goofy, Rainbow, and Fantasy. With cards like Sock Puppet Unicorn, Astronaut Unicorn, and Mermaid Princess Unicorn, there’s a unique Unicorn (a uniquecorn, if you will) for everyone!

In this game, you cast magic spells and collect a Stable full of Unicorns. Unstable Unicorns for Kids is for 2-6 players, ages 6+, and the duration of one game is 15-45 minutes.

Unstable Unicorns for Kids has the art you know and love, with simplified gameplay to make it easy for younger Unicorn lovers! Each Unicorn type has a unique color and symbol, so kids don’t need to be able to read full sentences to play after they know the rules.


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