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Top Trumps Trends of Tiktok

Brand: Top Trumps

Age 6+

2+ Players

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Just like Top Trumps, TikTok is into whatever you are! From comedy sketches to life hacks, advice and adorable animals, the social media platform is full of entertaining and relatable content. Since its launch in 2016, its popularity has surged, thanks in part to our need for joy, distractions and social interactions in difficult times. 2020 was a tough year, but TikTok united us as we figured out ways to feel less lonely. We went from making whipped coffee at home, to going on hot girl walks, working remotely and singing Jiggle Jiggle — until It's Corn came along in 2022! Top Trumps' Guide to TikTok Trends is a bite-sized summary of the hottest trends from the last few years. Did you love Scrub Daddy in the bathroom or Emily Mariko in the kitchen? And did Chrissy ever actually wake up? With categories including Likes, Fun Factor, Global Reach and Earworm Rating, this pack is the perfect way to look back on some of our favourite videos. And we promise, it won't feel like 30,000.

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