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Squishmallows 7.5inch Theotto the Cthulhu

Theotto is a teal Cthulhu, a mythical cosmic entity with the head of a cuttlefish/octopus, dragon wings, and a humanoid body. He has a light blue belly, and darker teal blue spots on his forehead. He has wings with his inner wings being a glittery blue-green color. He has a short tail with two short fins on his head. He has black eyes, pink blush, and four tentacles that cover his mouth.

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Theotto lives out in the marshes! He spends most of the year in hibernation, waiting for the perfect weather. With his large size and quiet demeanor, Theotto is one of the most beloved neighbors in the community. This charming 'Mallow invites you to his yearly autumn equinox party!

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