Manufacturer: Squishmallows

• SQUAD UP Grow your Squishmallows Squad with this 12-inch plush.
• SNUGGLE, SQUEEZE, AND PLAY Bring this adorable plush on long car rides, airplanes, movie marathons and more.
• MUST-HAVE Each Squishmallows is made with ultrasoft, high-quality materials.
• UNIQUE PERSONALITIES Squishmallows come in a variety of personalities, colours and sizes.
• COLLECTIBLE Look for other Squishmallows extensions, including Flip-A-Mallows by Squishmallows.

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 Boogie boarding and sunbathing in her hammock are Svetlana's idea of a good time, especially with a good book. She loves a laid back afternoon with an adventure book and a smoothie to keep cool. What should she read next? Appearance: Svetlana is a combination of a cat, unicorn and mermaid, and has features of each. The top half of her body is baby blue and she has large triangular ears. The inside of these are white, matching her horn. Her shimmering horn has a multicolored spiral. She has a white muzzle with a pink nose and mouth.. She has round eyes with short lashes and two black whiskers on each cheek. The bottom half of Svetlana's body is covered in reversible sequins. They are deep teal on one side and dark, reddish purple on the other. She wears a holographic, purple bandeau.