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SPORTX Smashball

Brand: Sportx


  • Contents: 1 net with rack (diameter 90 cm, height 20 cm), 1 large ball (diameter 12 cm), 2 small balls (diameter 9 cm), 1 hand pump and 1 storage bag. Packed in full colour box. Suitable for children from 7 years.


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  • SportX Smashball.Start the game by hitting the ball with your hand on the net in the direction of the opponent. Each team can kick the ball a maximum of three times before the ball is directed towards the net and the hand passes to the opposing team. The ball can be hit up or down, with the fist or the palm of the hand. The serving team continues to serve until the other team earns a point and the serve is passed to the other team. You play a maximum of 21 points per game. The team that wins two out of three games wins!


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