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Police Rescue Copter

Brand: Dickie Toys

•  freewheel toy helicopter
•  spinning rotor
•  manual winch
•  batteries included
•  light and sound effects
•  length: 18 cm

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Become a flying lifesaver with the Rescue Copter!
Helping others and even better saving lives - these are values that your child should learn early. With the Dickie Toys Rescue Copter your child flies missions as an emergency medic and learns the important skill of mountain rescue through play.
The rescue helicopter features a rounded design and comes with a stretcher and working winch. Realistic light and sound effects support the play experience and they and the spinning rotor make the rescue seem even more real. This helicopter makes a great gift for children with inquiring minds and a fascination for technology. Help your child become a true hero as a mountain rescuer or emergency medic.