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Playmobil Pony Farm

Brand: Playmobil
      • Three ponies are accommodated in a single box and a two box. The stable doors lead out in the big playpen which can be built up with the fence adaptably. The attic offers a lot of place for feed and straw. With many accessories. Dimensions: at least (because of fence adaptably to be built up) 11,42 x 11,81 x 9,06 inch (LxDxH)
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- The ponies can be walked out, or rode.

- The barrow can be used by the child figures.
- The fence is fully adaptably.
- A ladder leads up to the hayloft which serves as safekeeping for the feed and straw.
- In each stable a hay rack is provided for the feed.
- Includes lots of hooks and accessories for clearing up after the horses.
- Both stable doors can be closed and opened independently of each other.
- All stable doors on the front open outwards.
- The rear stable doors can be opened inwards and outwards.

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