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Mini Brands Global Series 2

Brand: Zuru Toys
    • Discover, unwrap, and disclose a captivating collection of tiny, authentic collectibles with the Zuru 5 Surprise Mini Brands Global Series 2 Collectible Capsule
    • With over 100 miniature versions of your treasured brands to collect, including limited edition rare metallics, super rare gold minis, and the brand-new super rare frozen moments minis, and more
    • Series 2 has minis from iconic brand such as Pringles, Kellogg's, Swizzels and Revlon (the first ever make-up mini)
    • In the series 2, you can find 3 new rare frozen minis, mini money, and 13 miniature accessories such as carts, shelves, all new price scanners and credit card readers and more to create your own mini shopping world
    • There are 5 mini replicas in this pack
    • Collect all 100+ minis of your favorite brands
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