Mechanics Haul Truck

Brand: Mechanics
  • With this assembled freight truck model, kids will be able to discover the secrets of mechanics and engineering!

    Using more than 150 pieces, kids can create 2 different truck models that can transport valuable materials, rocks and much more with their tippers.

    Children playing with the truck, which can move realistically with its hand-steerable wheels, will embark on fascinating adventures with their imagination in underground mines.

    Product Size: 27.6 x 18.8 x 6 cm

  • The toy is not suitable for children from 0 to 3 years of age and is recommended for children over 8 years of age.
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  • With the fun model of the Truck Mechanics Haul Truck by Clementoni, children will discover the secrets of mechanics and engineering! With over 150 components, children will be able to assembled 2 models of trucks with a tipping trailer for loading and unloading! With steered wheels, the truck moves as it says, so that children can play adventures even in underground mines! Also discover a free app that contains 3D instructions and where kids step by step discover how easy it is to compose both models at each stage.