Mechanics - Floating Dragon

Brand: Mechanics

Build a dragon that’s chained to the ground and wants to fly away with Clementoni’s Science Museum Build Mechanics Floating Dragon.

A chained dragon who wants to spread its wings and fly away, but is held back by chains. What can you do? Get creative! A magical floating dragon awaits your child’s touch as they construct a solution that allows the chains to break free from their locks and release the beast from its captivity. The effect of tension will cause the dragon to look as if it is floating in air – an amazing game experience for children to enjoy as they build and invent possible solutions and play scenarios. By putting together the various parts, children can check what scenarios can be made with their constructions, breathing life into their ideas and shaping concepts with their own hands.

The Clementoni Science Museum Build Mechanics Floating Dragon is a fun and exciting way to get your child interested in STEM. Kids will learn about the science of mechanics, optics, and engineering through building this floating dragon with over 30 pieces.

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  • When the chained dragon is assembled, it will give your child a real feeling of being in the air.
  • It can be transformed into 3 different types of dragons or it can be transformed into a 3-headed dragon for your child to be more interesting