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Leapfrog Rainbow Mixer

Brand: Leapfrog
Mix-Up Treats
This toy stand mixer looks like the real thing, complete with a tilting head, different mixing times and a spinning paddle.

Follow the Recipe
Listen to the mixer and follow the recipe instructions to practice colors and counting using the hat button.

Select a Mixing Button
Press one of the five mixing buttons to make the paddle spin with colored lights.

Explore Three Tasty Modes
Choose from Numbers, Colors or Creative Cakes modes for exciting new recipes..

Add Ingredients
Gather the chocolate, crack the eggs and divide the butter to add the correct number of ingredients.

Bake a Cake
Pour the pretend batter into the cake pan, then flip it over to show off the completed colorful treat.

Stir in a Rainbow of Color
As the paddle spins, the bowl lights up in five different colors with light animations.

Intended for ages 2 to 5 years
Availability: In stock
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Mix up sweet and savory snacks with the Rainbow Learning Lights Mixer™. Just like everyone’s favorite countertop appliance, this stand mixer includes a tilting head, spinning paddle and detachable mixing bowl. Create your own recipes or follow the instructions on the two double-sided recipe cards. Add counting and colors to the mix. Press the chef’s hat to listen to the mixer’s instructions. Use the red spoon to add flour or add two pieces of butter to the mixing bowl. Little bakers can make more than 40 pretend recipes for cookies, cupcakes, pies and more. Gather the chocolate pieces, divide the butter and crack the eggs so you can count and add as much of each ingredient as you need. Let’s make a rainbow sprinkle cake! Add ingredients to the mixing bowl and press the number buttons to see the paddle spin with colored lights. Pour the pretend batter into the double-sided pan, then flip it over to switch from cake batter to a decorated cake. When taking this mixer for a spin, you can always count on colorful treats.