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Picture of Leapfrog Lullaby Lights Lion

Leapfrog Lullaby Lights Lion

  • Press the soft plastic light-up tummy button to display colours and listen to Lion introduce shapes and colours on it’s mane
  • Lion’s mane is colourful and includes crinkle paper for tactile stimulation
  • Four sleep timer options 20 minutes with just lullabies or lights or both for 10 or 20 minutes
  • Crinkle mane, rainbow tassel tail and different textures on Lion’s face and paws encourage tactile stimulation
  • Intended for children ages 6+ months
Picture of Leapfrog Touch & Learn World Map

Leapfrog Touch & Learn World Map

Take a trip around the world and discover continents, oceans, natural wonders, animals and much more! 1000+ facts and 200 touch points keep kids exploring.
Touch Points and Facts
Explore 200 interactive touch points on this illustrated wall map and touch them to discover 1000+ facts.

Oceans & Continent
Find the Pacific Ocean, the continent of Africa and more.

Countries & Languages
Visit 100+ countries and learn about their languages.

Animals & Habitats
Find out about 40+ animals and the places they live around the world.

Landmarks & Monuments
Discover 18 famous human creations like the Pyramids of Giza and Machu Picchu.

Natural Wonders
Explore 10 marvels of nature like the Great Barrier Reef and the Grand Canyon.

Race the clock and find each country in World Racer, use clues to find animals in Animal Quest, and search for famous sites in Landmark Expedition.

Easy to Hang
Use the included keyhole hanger to easily hang the map on the wall.

 Intended for ages 4 to 7 years
Picture of Leapfrog Count Along Register

Leapfrog Count Along Register

Count on big learning fun with a singing register pal that counts, talks and sings—20 checkout items included!
Ideal for ages 2 to 4 years
Picture of Learning Friends 100 Words Book

Learning Friends 100 Words Book

Touch and learn word fun with adorable animals!

Discover new vocabulary with fun learning friends! 

- Touch the pictures to hear words in English and French.

- Three learning modes include words, facts and fun sounds.

- Light-up star button plays two fun learning songs.

- Bilingual play, learn words for colours, objects and animals in English and French.

- Three play modes, choose English or French words, fun facts or music and sounds.

- 12 Learning categories

Age 12+ Months

Picture of Leapfrog 100 Things That Go Book

Leapfrog 100 Things That Go Book

100+ words about modes of transportation
Hear about cars, trains, planes, wheelchairs and more on every page.

Touch images to hear words
Six double-sided, touch-sensitive pages feature vocabulary in English and French.

Bilingual mode
Choose English or French mode to hear each word in either language.

Three play modes
Explore three play modes to learn about Words, Sounds and Fun Facts on every page of this bilingual book.

Learning songs
The light-up star plays two learning songs in English and in French.

Take-along learning
Bring learning on the go! This interactive book has an easy-carry handle

Spur imaginative thinking with detail-rich images
Encourage storytelling with artwork that engages your child's imagination.

Picture of Leapfrog ABC Phonics Word Builder

Leapfrog ABC Phonics Word Builder

Sound out letters
Use the sound slider to hear letter sounds.

Blend sounds into words
Combine sounds into words, letter by letter.

Learn with three activity cards
Add to the learning with three double-sided activity cards that reinforce learning.

Play in six game modes
Each mode introduces unique learning experiences in phonics, spelling and words.

Explore 250 + words
Watch words turn into animated objects with sound effects as you spell each word correctly.

Adjust settings
Set the volume and control the contrast on the screen with adjustable settings.

Recommended Age: 3-6 years
Picture of Leapfrog Slide to Learn ABC Flashcards

Leapfrog Slide to Learn ABC Flashcards

Discover in a Flash
Learn about letters, letter sounds and more on 13 colorful, double-sided cards.

Explore Letters and Words
Examine each letter of the alphabet and discover new words that begin with that letter.

Sentence Slide
Slide a finger over the animal sentences to hear them read aloud, fast or slow.

Find It
Hear questions and find things on each card with a search-and-find game.

Light-Up the Star
Press the star button to play games, hear learning songs and more.

Listen to Music
Hear five melodies and touch the A-Z cards to add sound effects.

Quick Storage
Slide all 13 cards into the back storage slot and lock them into place.
Intended for ages 3 to 5 years
Picture of Leapfrog A-Z Learn Dictionary

Leapfrog A-Z Learn Dictionary

200+ words
Help kids expand their vocabulary with words for animals, objects, foods and more.

Explore with touch, sight and sounds
Touch colorful pictures on every page to hear words and definitions read aloud in Explore mode.

Learn about letters
Use color-coded beginning letters to hunt for words and build phonics skills.

Go on a word hunt
Hunt for words based on categories like animals, foods, shapes and more in Game mode.

Build word knowledge
Dictionary exploration reinforces kids' understanding of letters and alphabetical order.

Listen to music
Three learning songs add music to word exploration in Music mode.