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Hot Wheels Mega Tower Car Wash

Brand: Hot Wheels
  • Contents: 1 x playset and 1 x Hot Wheels Colour Shifters car
  • With hot and ice-cold water tanks that activate colour-change features
  • Car changes colour in ice cold water then changes back in warm water
  • It's like getting 2 cars in 1!
  • Spray the Colour Shifters car with ice cold water from the blue tank
  • Spray it again with warm water from the red tank to change it back
  • Park 3 Colour Shifters vehicles in the parking spots and change the decos (Additional vehicles sold separately)
  • A tray located in the base of the set catches excess water as vehicles move through
  • Set has plenty of track-play features that don't require water
  • Such as moveable gates, a foam roller and adjustable gas hose
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Drive into some good, clean fun with the Hot Wheels City Mega Car Wash! Pull into the towering car wash and spin the handle to move the car up the rotating spiral. At the top, there are two water tanks that spray hot and ice-cold water on the included Colour Shifters vehicle to magically change its colour.

Conveniently placed water trays catch the drips as the cars drive through the rest of the set for a no-mess bonus. Connect the Mega Car Wash to other sets to build out an incredible Hot Wheels City. Each sold separately. Colours and decorations may vary.