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Barbecue Playset with Burger and Fries

- portable "gas" barbecue A -A the child can easily move the toy anywhere, - has a grill, half of which is a convenient tray and a grill cover, - the set includes up to 19 accessories, - the kit includes, among other things, hamburger, fries, ketchup, barbecue tongs, imitation gas cylinder, - a product intended for children over 18 months.
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Children like to spend time outdoors. They also like to cook and help their parents in these activities. If you combine these two pleasures? A portable "gas" grill from the well-known company Ecoiffier will be perfect for this. When the weather is nice - we usually spend a lot of time outside. It is important that our children have a busy time. The grill will make them more fun - it will allow them to make a burger for their friends. Thanks to the game, the child develops his imagination, creativity and manual skills. fun The product is intended for children over 18 months old

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