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Fire Truck 62cm

Brand: Dickie Toys
  • A fire truck with a telescopic ladder 
  • With sound and light effects 
  • A bright fire engine to entertain kids for hours
  • The car is detailed, that is, the child can not only play as a firefighter, but also study the location of certain parts of the car 
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Dickie Toys Fire Truck is designed to simulate a fire truck - one of the most popular car models. Fire Trucks are designed with the function of a real fire truck with a lifeline that can be pulled out. With an extremely large size of 62cm, Fire Truck brings an authentic fire truck to the children. With sound effects and bright lights, the cars will become more realistic, boosting the imagination of children. Fire Truck not only creates fun moments, but also shows your baby's ingenuity when controlling the car, applying and combining the functions of the fire truck, at the same time helping the baby have more knowledge about the public firefighters work. Fire Truck is manufactured from high quality plastic bearing European standards, not harmful to children. The car has a sprinkler system and an openable dashboard stimulates curious young children to explore how they work. Dickie Toys is a toy brand established in 1971, belongs to the prestigious Simba Dickie Group - one of the leading toy groups in the world. Dickie Toys products are manufactured according to German standards, with a variety of models. Dickie Toys not only creates happy moments for children but also wants them to unleash their imagination, develop their thinking, know how to love, share through, and learn useful knowledge through items quality play.