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Picture of Counting Stacker

Counting Stacker

Create towers of fun with this colorful stacker.
Picture of Color and Shape Sorter

Color and Shape Sorter

This multi-tasking sorter encourages counting, sorting, and color and shape identification.
Picture of Construction Peg Puzzle

Construction Peg Puzzle

Do you want to be a builder? Learn more about the different kinds of vehicles you may encounter on the construction site with this colorful and engaging puzzle.
Picture of Baby Maestro Touch Guitar

Baby Maestro Touch Guitar

Baby-friendly guitar with soft touch buttons and flashing light
3 modes of play: Free Play Guitar/Animal sounds, and Jam guitar melodies
Animal keys play musical notes, fun animal sounds and short tunes
Soft touch strumming to play short tunes or explore amazing new sounds
Pull-down whammy bar for sound effects
Rhythm and applause button
Suitable for ages 12 months+

Picture of Baby Crib Driver

Baby Crib Driver

Babies will enjoy this steering wheel which provides lights and sounds while driving and learning.

  • Fun sound effects and cheerfull melodies
  • Turning ignition key with driving sound effects
  • Spinning, movalbe, shaped teething rings
  • For ages six months and up
  • Two AA batteries included
Picture of Animal Pals Soft Blocks

Animal Pals Soft Blocks

Colorful drawings, numbers, geometric shapes and moving elements.
Pull the bone and the dog will squirm and move.
See your reflection in the mirror and make a funny face.
We teach the language
Naming pictures, shapes and numbers enriches the vocabulary.
Sorting and building develops intelligence.
Arrange the cubes according to the categories (geometric figures, numbers, animals, house, yard). Sorting and filing develops the child’s intelligence. Playing with imposing and building develops spatial orientation and fine motor skills.