A world of construction, experimentation and play. Many different kits to stimulate the imagination and discover the basic principles of mechanics and engineering, inventing new projects every time.  Popit Kingdom stocks an extensive collection of Clementoni Mechanics kits providing hours of fun for all ages

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Picture of Mechanics Haul Truck

Mechanics Haul Truck

  • With this assembled freight truck model, kids will be able to discover the secrets of mechanics and engineering!

    Using more than 150 pieces, kids can create 2 different truck models that can transport valuable materials, rocks and much more with their tippers.

    Children playing with the truck, which can move realistically with its hand-steerable wheels, will embark on fascinating adventures with their imagination in underground mines.

    Product Size: 27.6 x 18.8 x 6 cm

  • The toy is not suitable for children from 0 to 3 years of age and is recommended for children over 8 years of age.
Picture of Mechanics - Firefighting Helicopter

Mechanics - Firefighting Helicopter

      • The firemen are ready to go on a rescue mission on a helicopter or hovercraft waiting to be built!
      • Children can use over 160 components to build an incredible rescue helicopter and a hovercraft, with mechanisms that work for real.
      • The helicopter wheels are connected to the rotors, so when the helicopter moves the propellers rotate, making the model even more realistic!
      • The hovercraft propellers move for real, thanks to the transmission components to be assembled.
      • The app with 3D instructions will guide the child step-by-step in building the models.
      • Conceived, designed and developed in Italy.
      • Recommended age: + 8 years old.
Picture of Mechanics - Floating Dragon

Mechanics - Floating Dragon

Build a dragon that’s chained to the ground and wants to fly away with Clementoni’s Science Museum Build Mechanics Floating Dragon.

A chained dragon who wants to spread its wings and fly away, but is held back by chains. What can you do? Get creative! A magical floating dragon awaits your child’s touch as they construct a solution that allows the chains to break free from their locks and release the beast from its captivity. The effect of tension will cause the dragon to look as if it is floating in air – an amazing game experience for children to enjoy as they build and invent possible solutions and play scenarios. By putting together the various parts, children can check what scenarios can be made with their constructions, breathing life into their ideas and shaping concepts with their own hands.

The Clementoni Science Museum Build Mechanics Floating Dragon is a fun and exciting way to get your child interested in STEM. Kids will learn about the science of mechanics, optics, and engineering through building this floating dragon with over 30 pieces.

Picture of Mechanics - Buggy and Quad Pull Back

Mechanics - Buggy and Quad Pull Back

    • A complete scientific kit to discover all the secrets of four-wheeled off-road vehicles.
    • Featuring 2 dynamic models of a dune buggy and quad to build, children can discover the way transmission mechanisms work.
    • Contains more than 130 interchangeable components including: complete differential, gears, rims, tyres, panels, bars and pins.
    • In addition to the assembly instructions, a sheet with lots of interesting scientific facts about off-road vehicles and the mechanics of internal combustion engines.
    • Recommended age: + 8 years old.
Picture of Mechanics - Trimaran and Watercraft

Mechanics - Trimaran and Watercraft

A perfect kit for discovering the principles of hydro-dynamics and naval engineering in an easy and fun fashion!
More than 130 components, with rods, pulleys, panels and lots more, to have real fun recreating 2 working models: a trimaran and a fantastic Jet Ski!
An illustrated manual guides the child during assembly and brings them into contact with the world of mechanics

Picture of Mechanics - EcoBot

Mechanics - EcoBot

    • Recommended for children aged eight years and up.
    • Crafted from brightly-coloured, durable materials.
    • Allows you to construct a robot that can vibrate and suck up debris.
    • Comes with a dual-shaft electric motor.
    • Motor starts spinning and creates a centrifugal force that allows small pieces of debris to be sucked up.
    • Requires 2 x AA batteries (Not Included).
    • Illustrated manual included.
    • Presented in a Clementoni box.

    Set Contains:

    • Head.
    • Visor.
    • Body.
    • Container.
    • Base.
    • Fan.
    • Feet.
    • Battery Compartment.
    • Eccentric.
    • Electric Motor.
    • Illustrated Manual
Picture of Mechanics - Monster Truck

Mechanics - Monster Truck

This incredible technology laboratory helps you get closer to the world of mechanics and engineering as you build a powerful Monster Truck! This kit contains more than 200 components to be assembled, including: differential, rack-and-pinion steering and Cardan joint. You can discover and build 10 fantastic and dynamic models! Thanks to the illustrated manual, your child will be guided step-by-step through the building of 10 different models as they discover the fundamentals of mechanics and engineering.The toy is suitable for children from the age of 8.

Picture of Mechanics - Helicopter & Airboat

Mechanics - Helicopter & Airboat

  • Age: 8 years and over

    Approx packaging dimensions: 27 x 19 x 4 cm

    More than 130 interchangeable components and an instruction booklet to guide you step by step

    In addition to assembly instructions, the kit contains a sheet with lots of interesting facts about the physics of flight and nautical engineering.

    Download the free app with interactive 3D instructions
Picture of Mechanics - Roadster & Dragster

Mechanics - Roadster & Dragster

Construct a motorcycle or a dragster! 130+ pieces. 2 buildable models.

  • A truly complete scientific kit to discover the secrets of these powerful two and four-wheeled vehicles.
  • 2 dynamic models can be built: a dragster and a roadster, and transmission mechanisms can also be checked.
  • Contains more than 130 interchangeable components including: gearbox, gears, rims, tyres, elastics, bars, brushes, sheaves and pins.
  • In addition to the assembly instructions, a sheet with lots of scientific information on aerodynamics and the mechanics of internal combustion engines.
Picture of Mechanics - Planes & Helicopters

Mechanics - Planes & Helicopters

  • Age: 8 years and over
  • Item no: 75028
  • Approx packaging dimensions: 39 x 27 x 6 cm
  • A scientific kit for discovering and experimenting with the mechanics of flight.
  • with 10 models and 200 components to assemble, including: rods for assembling the nacelles, panels, propellers, cogs, pulleys and universal joints
  • Download the free app with interactive 3D instructions
Picture of Mechanics - Transport Trucks

Mechanics - Transport Trucks

    • An incredible new laboratory which helps you to understand how big transport trucks work and come into contact with principles of mechanics and engineering.
    • Including more than 200 components, with a differential, cogs, rods, panels andlots more, to construct 10 fantastic moving models: from trucks with real steering and a grip for transporting tree trunks to a tipping trailer, from a mining truck to a fantastic new vehicle with a real functioning crane!
    • A comprehensive illustrated manual guides the child step by step in constructing the models and teaches the basics of mechanics, engineering and how levers and gears work.
    • Suitable for children from 8 years and older.
Picture of Mechanics - Sailboat

Mechanics - Sailboat

  • A sailing boat model to be recreated and discovered in its every detail thanks to sturdy components, for inventing new projects and getting familiar with mechanics and marine engineering.
  • A kit for having fun imagining new solutions and experimenting with brilliant assemblies. A play experience that demands concentration and precision in every phase for maximum engagement.
  • A construction laboratory for stimulating creativity and imagination. By assembling the components, the child can test their ideas and verify whether the solutions are correct or need to be improved.
  • The world of engineering and mechanics is the cornerstone of this laboratory, which encourages the child to develop concepts and test ideas for reproducing his favourite vessels.
  • Suitable for children from 8 years and older.