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Picture of Playmobil 123 Donut Truck

Playmobil 123 Donut Truck

The donut truck encourages small children to be more active: the beautifully decorated donuts are sorted in the trailer. When the back is opened, the little donuts tumble out of the trailer and roll across the room. Chasing is fun, even for the little ones! In addition, the donut stacking function on the loading floor trains fine motor skills.

Picture of Playmobil Starter Pack Stunt Show

Playmobil Starter Pack Stunt Show

Starterpack Stuntshow motorcycle with wall of fire. Includes ski jump with variable board wall for two different stunts.

Playmobil Fire Truck

Playmobil Fire Truck

      • The ladder swings up and down and the front cab roof is removable for easy loading of firemen.
      • This well-equipped truck includes working lights and sound, alerting passersby of the emergency.
      • Shoot the water arrow out of the functioning cannon.
      • Load the gear in the side drawer.
Picture of Playmobil Ambulance

Playmobil Ambulance

    • Remove the back and cab roof for easy access to the interior.
    • Turn on the functioning lights and sounds on the way to the hospital to let passersby know you are coming.
    • Help the medics treat the injured patient.
    • Strap the patient on to the stretcher and load her into the ambulance through the back door.
Playmobil Fire Rescue Helicopter

Playmobil Fire Rescue Helicopter

  • With functioning water cannon.
    Emergency call at the fire station: A barbecue has caught fire in Playmo City and the fire has spread to the adjacent tree. Rescue approaches from the air with the modern PLAYMOBIL fire rescue helicopter. Calmly, the pilot steers his helicopter over the source of the fire and directs the extinguishing cannon. With a targeted jet of water, the fire is extinguished. Fortunately, no one was injured. The set includes two PLAYMOBIL figures, a firefighting helicopter with swiveling extinguishing cannon, a kettle grill, a tree with attachable flames, a pilot's helmet and many other extras for exciting rescue operations from the air. The rotor blades of the helicopter can be rotated. Water jet arrows can be fired from the fire cannon on the side of the helicopter. The firefighting helicopter can be combined with the fire station (71193).
Picture of Playmobil Fire Rescue Truck

Playmobil Fire Rescue Truck

  • Dimension package: 28 x 18 x 12 cm
  • Playmobil City Action Fire Truck 71194 play set. This sturdy fire truck has a real working water sprayer on the back for extinguishing large and small fires. There is also a winch on the front, one firefighter and various nice accessories are included. The 61-piece play set is suitable for children from 4 years old. Can be combined with other PLAYMOBIL fire sets such as no. 71193 and 71195. Suitable for children from 4 years old.
Playmobil Stuntshow Racer

Playmobil Stuntshow Racer

 Dimension package: 28,4 x 18,7 x 7,4 cm

Playmobil School bus

Playmobil School bus

    • Roof opens for easy loading and unloading of passengers.
    • This bus has functioning headlights.
    • With extendable bus stop sign this school bus is just like the real thing. Doors swing open so students can climb on board
Playmobil 123 Garbage Truck

Playmobil 123 Garbage Truck

Play and sort with Playmobil! It's possible with the Playmobil 70184 Werkman with sorting garage. Drive the truck backwards into the garage. Then drop the bag, barrel and box into the truck through the molding holes of the garage roof. If everything is in it, then you can leave. Close the garage doors and unload the load by tilting the box. The job is done! The Playmobil 70184 Workman with Sorting Garage can also be used as a locomotive shed due to its integrated rail system.
Playmobil 123 My First Train Set1

Playmobil 123 My First Train Set

Go on a train journey with My First Playmobil Train and enjoy the landscape, the beautiful flowers and animals. The train consists of a passenger carriage and a freight carriage. The train carriages have a towing hook at both the rear and the front, so that the carriages can be coupled and disconnected. The shift rods on the locomotive's wheels move with the locomotive as it moves. The level crossing barriers and train signal can be moved up and down. There is also a tunnel that the train can pass under. Comes with many dolls and animals and accessories. Suitable from 1.5 years.
Playmobil 123 Excavator

Playmobil 123 Excavator

Help the diligent construction worker of the Playmobil 70125 Backhoe Loader get his job done! Place the warning sign and get to work. Move the heavy building blocks with the backhoe loader's movable shovel arm. The Playmobil 70125 Backhoe Loader belongs to the Playmobil 123 variant, which is already suitable for children from 1.5 years old due to the larger parts.