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Barbie Vehicle Carbriolet

Brand: Barbie
    • Take the story anywhere imagination leads in this sporty Barbie convertible!
    • Buckle 2 Barbie dolls in and push to get the adventure underway with rolling wheels and realistic treaded tires.
    • The car features a sporty shape with a pink exterior, black interior and realistic details, like seatbelts, a rearview mirror and a matte black grille.
    • Barbie doll's signature style shines through with a personalized license plate and silvery Barbie silhouette hood ornament.
    • With cool details and realistic touches, this Barbie vehicle makes a great gift for 3 to 7 year olds. It's so much fun to imagine all the storytelling possibilities because you can be anything with Barbie!
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    • With a pink convertible Barbie vehicle, imaginations can hit the road and embark on endless adventures! This stylish, open-top car inspires all kinds of storytelling with a sleek design and modern finishes. The convertible features a sporty shape, realistic details and signature Barbie style, like a personalized license plate and Barbie silhouette hood ornament. With rolling wheels and room for two, kids can buckle their Barbie dolls in (sold separately) and give it a push to get the story started!
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