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Barbie Pop Reveal Fruit Series - Strawberry Lemonade

Brand: Barbie


  • Barbie Pop Reveal Fruit Series dolls offer a sensory unboxing experience (each sold separately)
  • Remove the outer layer of packaging, open the cup & pull out the surprise bags
  • Screw the lid back on & pop the top to release squishy, pink Slime
  • This strawberry lemonade-scented Barbie doll is posable, great for play & display
  • She has long, pink hair, fruit-themed shorts & a matching scented, squishy pet
  • Use icy cold water to reveal the doll’s bright hair streak & face makeup
  • Warm water will change her back
  • Contents: 1 x cup with Slime and straw, 1 x scented Barbie doll, 1 x scented squishy pet, 1 x pair of shorts, 1 x pair of roller skates, 1 x fruit ring & 1 x squishy mini drink
  • Dimensions: 27H cm
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Product Description


Barbie Pop Reveal dolls offer an unboxing experience filled with eight sensory surprises! Unwrap the drink cup-inspired packaging to find the Strawberry Lemonade Scented Doll in the Fruit Series.

Open the lid and remove the surprise bags, then pop the top and watch colourful Slime drip down over the ice cubes that hold accessories inside. Kids can take the squishy Slime out for fun, sensory play. Next, pop the ice cubes to find roller skates and a squishy mini-drink piece. The ice cubes are reusable -- repeat the pop reveal fun again and again! Kids keep unboxing to find a fruit-scented fashion doll, a squishy and scented pet, fashion piece and accessories.

This Pop Reveal Barbie doll is posable with colour-change hair and makeup. Kids will want to collect the entire range (each sold separately)! Please note that dolls cannot stand alone. Colours and decorations may vary.

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