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Barbie Colour Reveal Chelsea Picnic

Brand: Barbie

Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Picnic dolls delight children with a surprise when unpacked, which includes a Chelsea doll initially hidden behind a colorful cover and then revealed with water, stylish fashion accessories and color-changing fun.

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Mattel's Barbie set is an innovative toy that offers a unique experience. This Barbie doll comes in packaging that hides her identity and lets kids discover her true face through a series of surprises. When you first receive this doll, it will be completely hidden in a tube filled with a special colored solution. The doll itself is placed in the mold and her hair, clothes and accessories are covered with the color of the solution. To start the extraction process, you need to fill the pipe with warm water. Submerge the doll completely and spin it around to activate the color changing effect. As the warm water interacts with the color-changing solution, it gradually transforms and reveals the doll's hidden properties. Barbie's hair, makeup and clothes change colors, giving children a sense of surprise and excitement. As you continue to uncover the surprise, you'll discover fashionable doll clothes, stylish accessories and unique hairstyles.

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