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5 years +

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Can you master the art of kinetic flipping??  How many flips can you get?  The challenge is on!


  • Size: 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch, Material: aluminum alloy 
  • Precision machined out of solid metal, perfectly balanced and mathematically analyzed to bring a motion of continuing flipping, rolling, and falling at the same time. 
  • Meet the new fun, oddly satisfying, addictive, and relaxing kinetic desk toy 
  • Creates a mesmerizing motion that is fun, addictive, and calming at the same time and it allows you to take a moment away from the daily rush and recharge your focus 
  • It’s small scale and flat type form fit comfortably in a pocket so you can bring the magic everywhere you go.
  • Comes in a mini pouch for safekeeping