Players:  2-8 players

Age:  7+ 


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All you need for a family games night in – and you can even involve your own games from home too!

Games Night – Family Edition is an ultimate set of 15 fun games to determine who is the games champion in your house! The great thing is you can even include other games that you have at home to determine who is top of the game tree!

Playing is easy, write the names of the players on the wipe clean scoreboard and pick 5 game instruction cards. These will form the 5 rounds of your games night. The instruction cards tell you what you need from the box and how to play each game.

Who will win your games night? As the scoreboard and trophy are wipe clean, you can clear them each time you play!

  • Who is the ultimate games champion in your household?
  • 15 games included!*
  • You can even involve all your games from home too!